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K & K4 Round Up

K & K4 Roundup

Kindergarten and K4 Roundup will be held on Friday, March 2 with two sessions scheduled, one at 9:00 am and one at 6:30 pm. This is a great time for families interested in FHCS to visit with our Kindergarten and K4 teachers, tour the school and learn more about how to be involved at FHCS. If you have a child that is ready for our half-day Pre-K (K4) or Kindergarten class, we invite you to attend. Also, be sure to share with your neighbors, family and friends who have K-4 or Kindergarten age children Pre-registration is not necessary, but helpful to us so we can plan appropriately.

Tours and Shadow Days

If you know of families with students in grades 1-12 that would like to have a tour of FHCS or have a child that they would like to have visit for a couple of hours or all day, please have them call the school office. We are happy to give tours and have students visit classes.