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Our goal is to keep students, parents and alumni up-to-date with all of FHCS's latest happenings. Look below to stay current with the latest Warrior news, student publications, alumni information and events.

 News coverage from WIBW 13 of the recent Cair Paravel Fine Arts Festival which features FHCS students Michaela Crow (piano), Nairilys Santana, Charlet Wacholtz and Daniel Wilkinson.  

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FHCS weekly Newsletter

Download the latest FHCS Weekly Newsletter to keep current on all news pertaining to students, staff, parents and alumni.

FHCS Weekly Newsletter May 18, 2018


Summer Sports Camps

FHCS will host two sports camps this summer. We will have two levels of basketball camps the week of June 18-22 with a morning camp for students entering grades 3-5 and an afternoon camp for students entering grades 6-8.

The following week, June 25-29, we will have a volleyball camp for students entering grades 5-8.

More information will be available soon, but please be aware of these dates as you plan your summer activities.

Camp registration forms available on the Downloads Page or here for Volleyball, Basketball or High School High School Volleyball.  Thank you!


Summer Program

Horizon’s Edge and director Erin Pittenger have announced that they will once again run a summer
program using FHCS facilities. The program, for children who are in kindergarten through 6th grade
this school year, will be held for the months of June and July. See the flyer accompanying this
week’s bulletin for more information.  This will be the second year the program has been held at FHCS.



Cair Paravel Fine Arts Festival

Congratulations to our grade 5-8 students on a great day on Thursday at the Fine Arts Festival. The following students received 1’s (Superior) ratings:

Cheyenne Crow (5th) Photography, Clarinet & Piano Solo

Michaela Crow (8th) Flute Solo, On Site Drawing, Painting & Photography

Ann Hess (9th) Monochromatic

Bohden Hess (5th) On Site Drawing

Mahaila Hickman (8th) On Site Drawing

Linville, Lily, (10th) Oboe

Kendal Vandorn (5th) On Site Drawing & Flute Solo

Also, the 7th-12th Brass and Woodwind/Strings Ensembles both received 1's!

Overall our students received 15 1’s (Superior), 26 2’s (Excellent), 22 3’s (Average) and 2 4's. Congratulations to Mr. Carter (music), Mrs. Lacey Dunn (art) and Mrs. Linville (photography) on helping our students prepare.

Green Walk For Fun-ds!

It's that wonderful time of year when spring arrives, things begin to turn green and FHCS has its biggest and most important fundraiser of the year, the Green Walk For Funds!  Packets have went out to all FHCS families and we greatly appreciate your assistance in contributing toward the success of this crucial drive which helps raise funds for building maintenance, school sponsored activities and events, essential educational needs, and student scholarships.

The actual Green Walk will take place this year on Friday, May 4.  Older FHCS students will be walking along the Manhattan Linear Trail from the Kansas River Bridge to City Park (approx. 4 miles) and younger students will be walking around City Park. All donations are greatly appreciated and critically important in enabling the school to continue to provide an excellent education in a Christ centered environment.  At the end of the day after everyone returns to FHCS there will be ice cream and several drawings for prizes including $25 American Express gift cards.  Download Green Walk Sponsorship Forms and Informational Letter also available on the Downloads page. 

National Spanish poster contest - Kansas regional winners

FHCS students again placed well in the Kansas regional phase of the 2018 National Spanish Poster Art Contest.  The results are as follows:
1st place- Cheyenne Crow, 5th grade.
2nd place- Michaela Crow, 8th grade.
1st place Hand drawn poster- Mary El-Aasar, 11th grade.
1st place Digital entry- Shaiann Wyatt, 12th grade.
Congratulations to all the winners! They will be moving on to the National competition in Atlanta!

Fifth Grade Girls Compete in Math Competition

On Sunday, April 29, Mrs. Hyde took four of her 5th grade girls to a math competition called GAIM (Girls Adventure In Math). It took place on K-state campus. Here is what the organizers said about this event: "The sixteen open-ended questions that the girls had to face in GAIM were designed to challenge the way they think. he sixteen open-ended questions that you’ll face in GAIM are designed to challenge the way you think. If you’re excited by the idea of creative, strategic, out-of-the-box problem-solving, GAIM will rock your socks off."

Our girls, Cheyenne Crow, Aryana DeLeon, Karis Kvasnica and Kendall Vandorn had a wonderful time and did a great job, coming in third.

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Warrior News

Check out the latest issue of Warrior News  to stay in touch with FHCS student news and events.  You can also view past issues.  Warrior News is a publication of the Junior High Newspaper Class.

Warrior News

Photo Gallery

Excerpts from Flint Hills activities and special events.

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  • 2017_grads_(Copy)
  • Kindergarteners work together to solve a puzzle.
  • Macy Strange and Talia Davis, 2nd graders, hard at it!
  • Secondary students caroling at Stoneybrook North Retirement Community
  • Secondary Music Concert 11-17-2016
  • Geography_Bee_2017
  • Spelling_Bee_2016-17

All students bring their lunches. Students can order milk, limited dairy items and some microwaveable items with purchase of a lunch/milk card in the office. Domino's pizza slices are offered on Mondays and Chick-Fil-A menu items are available on Thursdays.  Chick-Fil-A orders must be submitted to the office by 8:30am Wednesday mornings.  Order forms are available here or in the office.

PM Academy

PM Academy is FHCS’s aftercare program and is available to students in all day Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Students in grades K-6 are normally expected to be picked up by 3:40 pm. PM Academy is provided as a service to our parents who are not able to pick up their children immediately after school.  Students not picked up by 3:40 pm will automatically be sent to PM Academy.  All PM Academy students are to be picked up by 5:30 PM.  See PM Academy Parent Information Letter for more information.


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